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Contact me today to book your FREE NO OBLIGATION 20 MINUTE CONSULTATION CALL. This is a free consultation to ensure that I can help you. I love to work with highly motivated individuals who are committed to take action to achieve their business goals, as this is where I feel I can offer the most value. If you are keen to achieve your goals, but are feeling stuck and not sure where to start, take action today and book your FREE call to find out how I can help.

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Business Coaching

Business coaching is key to getting clarity around your business goals, setting better goals and achieving them faster. Together we will find out who you are, where you are, decide on your goals in a realistic time frame and agree actions in order to achieve those goals. Our 12 week Business Coaching Programme is about the future: discovering your potential and achieving it fast.

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Business Plan Road Map

Studies show that the absence of a business plan leads to a high incidence of failure for new and small businesses, as well as inhibiting growth and development. I understand that a business plan can seem like a daunting task, and it can be easily overlooked especially when you know your product or service well. However, it is an essential part of developing your business idea and also defining your goals clearly. If you need help with your business plan, click below to find out more

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I’m a professional sportsperson – 7 ways that helps me in business

Since the age of seven, I have either trained and competed as a figure skater or coached figure skating to many talented young athletes. The life skills I have developed over this time have influenced my behaviour and given me a mental toughness that helps me every day as a…

Business Plan – What is it? Why do I need one and how do I write one?

A Business Plan is basically a mission statement that will set out your vision, structure, methods and helps plan your business for the future. It will include a marketing analysis, financial statement and describe the operational details of the business. Your Business Plan should become a living document. That means…

How to get and stay motivated

Why is it that sometimes we are excited and find it easy to get motivated, yet other times, we are constantly procrastinating, and it is nearly impossible to figure out how to get motivated? This blog contains some great ideas based on insightful research on how to get and stay…

7 Steps for Successful Goal Achievement

Identify and write down your goalsMake sure your goal is specific and measurable – that it includes how, when, where. Give your goal a time-frame and a deadline – you may need to establish separate deadlines for sub-goals if your goal is long-term.Break your goal into achievable sub-goals and write…

What to Consider Before Starting a Business

Why do you want your own business? “Because I hate my current boss” isn't enough reason to make the decision to start a business. Consider other possible reasons. For example, is it that you would prefer to be your own boss; that you think you can make more money working…

Being a Successful Property Investor – It’s all in the mind-set!

Five ways to make sure you have the right mind-set to achieve your property goals Have you read about a single mum who bought her first property out of pure desperation to have a better life for her child and built up a £5 million portfolio within a couple of…