About Wendy


Wendy Brumwell

Wendy lives just outside of Bristol in South West of England in a self-build house with her husband Ross.

Co-founder of…

✨ Solution Property, a property development, investment and consultancy company, owning a multi-million pound property portfolio

✨ Brumwell Design Studio Interior Design Company

She’s also…

🏆 Professional Figure Skater and Coach

🏠 Property Coach, Mentor, Consultant and Trainer 

💰 High Performance, Success & Money Mindset Coach (certified coach & mentor MinstLM)

📖 Author of Amazon best seller “A Successful State Of Mind”

🗣 Motivational Speaker

Wendy is a property developer who loves turning empty unloved buildings into beautiful homes. Loving the life that property affords her, she became a property coach and mentor to help people escape the 9-5 and achieve financial freedom. By sharing her experience and implementing her coaching and mentoring methods, she helps property investors achieve their success. 

To find out more about coaching, mentoring and consulting, email Wendy at [email protected]

As a professional figure skater & coach, she focuses her attention on high performance and success mindset. In her keynote talks, she shares the mindset of sportspeople and how key mindset growth techniques can improve performance to achieve success and wealth. If you are looking for a motivational speaker, let’s have a chat. Book a call >here< 

Her book “A Successful State of Mind” is an Amazon best seller and has helped so many business owners achieve a successful mindset. Wendy is very passionate about how much our mind influences our results… statistics show that around 80% of our success is about our mindset! All profits are donated to charity, so you can improve your mindset for success and support a worthwhile cause at the same time. Buy your copy >here< 

Interior Design was inspired by banishing the beige in her portfolio! Standing out in the property market is something that increases profit. High end means less competition and commands higher prices with less voids. Wendy’s passion is colour as it’s responsible for a whopping 85% of buying decisions!!! To find out more about how Wendy can help you with interior design email [email protected]

How it all started!

After graduating from university with a degree in Computer Science, her technical background led to a corporate career as a Project/Programme Manager. However, Wendy has an entrepreneurial spirit and was always keen to run her own business. From living in a student house share - House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) at university, a spark was lit for property investing. So she attended a property networking event and starting from scratch, took steps every day to build up a high-yielding property portfolio. In 2013, she teamed up with her husband & together they run Solution Property www.solutionproperty.co.uk


Last, but by no means least, this was my gorgeous Labrador, Lucca, in the photo below aka 'The Property Dog’. In his memory for inspiring me on all the country walks during lockdown, I donate all the profits of my book to dog charities to help take care of his fellow four-legged friends who were less fortunate than him 💙

Lucca Brumwell - Property Dog