Motivational Speaking


Do you require a motivational speaker for your next event?

Wendy has spoken at over 50+ events in the UK and overseas. She is a professional figure skater and coach who now owns a multi-million pound property portfolio. After becoming a certified leadership coach/mentor (MinstLM) she focuses her attention on high performance and success mindset. In her keynote talks, she shares the mindset of sport and how key mindset growth techniques can improve your performance so you achieve success in your business and in life. Her talks are inspirational, motivational as well as uplifting and people often walk out of the room ready to take on any challenge!

Her book “A Successful State of Mind” was an Amazon best seller and has helped so many business owners get the right mindset. Wendy is very passionate about how much our mind influences our results and is keen to share mindset tips and tricks to help people achieve success.

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