Solution Property

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A property development and investment business based in Bristol UK run by a husband and wife team Wendy and Ross Brumwell. Click >here< to find out more about Solution Property 

Solution Property Offers Investment opportunities, property coaching, mentoring and consultancy services as follows:

SP Investments

Are you looking for ways to grow your wealth, learn about property development and secure your financial future? Investing in property can be a lucrative option. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, there are various opportunities in the property market. Here at Solution Property, we offer 3 investing opportunities to work with us, either as an investor in one of our projects for a great return, EARN programmes or joint venture partnerships

Click >here< to find out more about ways to invest or book a call with Wendy >here<

SP Property Coaching and Mentoring

Would you like financial independence, a pension or lifestyle choices from your own UK-based property portfolio?

Coaching and Mentoring from someone who has been there before is key to being able to move forward safely in your property journey. From over 10 years in property, owning a multi-million-pound portfolio and being a certified coach, Wendy knows how to help you reach your property goals faster and knows what questions to ask to get results.

Wendy is a professional property developer with knowledge of many property investing strategies including buy-to-sell (flips), Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO) and commercial-to-residential conversions (C2R).

She offers affordable ways to help you start on your property journey whether your goal is financial security, a pension to retire on or taking control of your life to become financially independent. Her 1:1 sessions provide a holistic approach to property investing with the all-important professional property knowledge and mentoring expertise combined with the right mindset to take action. We will work together to find out what property strategy suits you, create your property business plan, decide on your property goals and agree on actions to help you achieve your goals. Wendy will hold you accountable for your actions and you will be fully supported during your coaching and mentoring.

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SP Consultancy Services

We offer promotion agreements and consultancy to get permitted development or planning permission for the conversion of commercial & agricultural buildings, developments and self-build homes.


  • We manage everything at our own risk from application to sale
  • On approval, we assist with the sale of pre-construction properties
  • Once the property is sold, we take a percentage of the net profits
  • If permission is refused, we pay all the bills!


  • Pre-agreed, fixed-rate price & management of third-party services
  • We conduct planning assessments, get architectural drawings in place & identify suitable local service providers to do requisite studies including structural surveys, ecological studies etc.
  • We have an expert team in place to manage the process from start to finish!

If you have land, a barn, an agricultural building or a commercial building such as an office and you are interested in getting a planning uplift but don’t know where to start, then just book a call >HERE< to see how we can help.