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Have you ever wondered why sportspeople seem to transition successfully from a career in sport to other ventures, often becoming entrepreneurs, business owners or leaders? Were they born with natural talent or did they develop a state of mind that made them destined for success?

Sportsperson and professional figure skating coach, Wendy Brumwell has been immersed in sport all her life and successfully pivoted into business, building a multi-million pound portfolio as a property entrepreneur. Fascinated by what makes people excel, Wendy has spent many years studying top performers and entrepreneurs, as well as exploring her own experiences, to identify the key success principles shared in this book.

Wendy will guide you on your own unique journey to develop these principles, brought to life with practical exercises and essential tips to help you reach your goals and get results. Use this book to create your own steps to success and develop A Successful State of Mind.

Wendy has spent many years studying and analysing top performers to understand what it is that makes people successful. From having a sportsperson background herself and successfully transitioning into the business world, she wants to help people learn from a sportsperson's state of mind to achieve success. State of mind is so key in all we do and most of the time we focus on skill or knowledge. Without the right state of mind, we will find it difficult to take action based on the knowledge we have. This book will help people take action by sharing the key principles that Wendy believes all sports people and entrepreneurs share, that help make their vision become a reality.

Key Features:

  • Learn the state of mind principles that make sportspeople successful in business
  • Plan your own unique journey with the state of mind ‘playbook’ to get your version of success
  • Understand how you can take action to be successful
  • Learn the state of mind blueprint to make a positive difference in your life

This book is perfect for anyone wanting to start a business or be an entrepreneur, as well as existing business owners and entrepreneurs.

From stuck and overwhelmed to a successful state of mind: harness the magic of sports to win in business!

All profits are donated to charity, so you are also supporting a great cause by buying this book ❤️


Jayne Wong

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 21 June 2023