Property Coaching and Mentoring Kick Start to Success


Are you trapped in 9-5 job? Would you like more time with your family? Perhaps you would like more financial independence, a pension fund or something to pass on to your children?

This is where Property Coaching and Mentoring can help. By guiding you through getting started in the confusing world of property investing.

Wendy is a property entrepreneur, the co-founder of Solution Property with a multimillion pound property portfolio and has achieved financial FREEDOM from property. This wasn't always the case though. She too had a 9-5 job and lived pay check to pay check with little financial choice and freedom. Alongside her job and being a professional sportsperson, she was able to start building a profitable property portfolio. Building up her portfolio gradually, she has run her own successful property business for eight years now, with a diverse portfolio of single buy-to-let (BTL), Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs) and now invests in commercial to residential conversions and developments.

She is keen to help you escape 9-5, so they too can achieve the same financial freedom and choice that she enjoys by teaching the same methods she used. She will share with you exactly how she invests in property, so that you can do the same. However, this does take some work. Property investing is NOT get rich quick, but with some determination and constant effort it's a very rewarding business.

As a certified (MinstLM) coach and mentor, Wendy is also one of the very few property investors qualified in the UK. This puts her in an ideal position to offer both property knowledge with her coaching and mentoring techniques in one unique programme to help you achieve success.

During this twelve-week programme, we will work together to get property knowledge, find out your WHY, what property strategy best suits you, get clarity around property focused goals, set goals and achieve them faster.

Wendy will work with you individually and hold you accountable to your actions so you will be fully supported throughout this 12 week programme.


Property Coaching and Mentoring is about the future: starting today, discovering your potential and achieving it!


1:1 coaching and mentoring sessions will include:

  • Twelve 1 hour minute 1:1 sessions over 12 weeks
  • Face to face sessions in person if local, FaceTime/Zoom or phone call
  • Professional property knowledge
  • Property mentoring
  • Full accountability… only a few excuses allowed!
  • Tools and techniques to identify goals and methods to achieve them
  • Create your property business plan
  • An enjoyable and motivating session
  • Actions set for you to achieve your goals faster
  • FREE email access to me during the 12 weeks
  • FREE WhatsApp
  • ‘SOS’ touch points arranged as required



If you would like to invest in property, but are confused and not sure where to start. Perhaps you would like to have financial independence, a pension fund or maybe something to pass on to your children? Then this programme will help kick start your property investing journey. You will learn right from the start about professional property investing that can help financial freedom whilst avoiding costly mistakes.


You'd like to invest in property, but are unsure of the next steps? I can help by providing property coaching and mentoring to give you the property investing knowledge and mindset to get success whilst also holding you accountable for your actions and working with you to achieve your property goals.


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