7 Steps for Successful Goal Achievement

  1. Identify and write down your goals
  2. Make sure your goal is specific and measurable – that it includes how, when, where.
  3. Give your goal a time-frame and a deadline – you may need to establish separate deadlines for sub-goals if your goal is long-term.
  4. Break your goal into achievable sub-goals and write down actions needed to achieve them. An action plan includes specific tasks to be done, who will do them and by what date.
  5. Get agreement from others who are needed to achieve these goals. They should know what is expected or required of them, how the task is to be accomplished, and when it must be accomplished before they give their agreement and cooperation.
  6. Consider any internal or external obstacles to goal achievement and take steps to overcome, eliminate or reduce those obstacles.
  7. Review your goals regularly – re-evaluate them as needed and modify goals if they are not realistic or able to be achieved in the deadline.